The United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction

Theme: Shaping the Future

The purpose of the theme "Shaping the Future" is to bring out cases of individuals or organizations that have shown convincing examples of leadership to guide our actions in ways that will make us more safe, healthy, wealthy and resilient now and in the years to come. Examples:

  • Local governments that experiment with social media and big data to map risks and engage their community in building resilience.
  • Insurance companies that support start-ups of micro-insurance initiatives offering small-scale but accessible solutions.
  • Academic and research institutions that seek to understand the latest risk trends and make related data visible and tangible through mobile phone applications and other methods.
  • Parliamentarians that have fought for, and many more that still work on, new legislation and regulations to reduce disaster risk and build resilience.
  • Civil society organizations that continue to work with communities and governments to make disaster risk reduction programming inclusive to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and persons living with disabilities.

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