International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Migration and resilience



WMO experts available in Sendai and Geneva:
- Michele Klein Salomon, Director of the Migrants in Countries in Crisis Secretariat  (English, French)
- Louis Hoffmann, Head of the Transition and Recovery Division (English, French)
- Brian Kelly, Regional Technical Specialist, Department of Operations and Emergencies  (English)
- Lorenzo Guadagno, DRR, Resilience and Livelihood Expert (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German)

Communications Contact:  Leonard Doyle, Director of Communications,, +41 792 857 123

About IOM

o  With an ever-increasing number of people on the move, migration and its effects are a defining feature of societies and environment, and a key dynamic of exposure, vulnerability and resilience to disasters. IOM works towards building the resilience of communities and societies by preventing forced migration, addressing the needs of those moving, as well as home and host communities and facilitating migration for its positive effects on risk reduction.

o  IOM’s activities include: preventing and mitigating hazards and supporting livelihoods to prevent displacement; building the capacity of national and local authorities to manage evacuations and displacement as part of disaster risk management; managing and sustainably addressing disaster induced population displacement, included through assistance to host communities; promoting mobility schemes that foster the resilience of vulnerable households and communities.