Private Sector Sponsorship

What are the key benefits of supporting the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction?

  • Global visibility as a partner in disaster risk reduction before, during and after the World Conference: Sponsoring the WCDRR provides you with the opportunity to showcase your commitment to build a resilient economy and societies and gives you international visibility
    as an innovator.
  • Create or strengthen partnerships: Sponsors will find opportunities to strengthen or build partnerships with national and
    regional and local governments, international organizations, private organizations active in disaster risk reduction and
    with other companies and financial institutions.
  • Networking with global leaders: Sponsoring the WCDRR provides you with opportunities to attend high-level events with
    CEOs and other senior leaders.
  • Platform to reach a maximum number of participants: Sponsors are offered various opportunities depending on the package chosen to communicate to a global audience.
Practical Information

To discuss your sponsorship package and event participation, please contact:

Ms. Kiki Lawal
Private Sector Focal Point, UNISDR
Phone: +41 22 917 84 52

Sponsorship Levels
Sponsorship Benefits1









Opportunity to host a Public Forum event
Secured booth at Market Place2
Presentation at Ignite Stage during Multi-Stakeholder Segment
Nominate an 'Expert of the Week' for a WCDRR slot on Prevention Web
Company logo featured on WCDRR website
Company logo featured at private sector press conference
Company logo featured at film festival
Posters at the World Conference
5 places 4 places 2 places 1 place
Attend private sector press conference
Sponsorship Package Value
USD 200,000 USD 100,000 USD 50,000 USD 25,000

1 Sponsorship opportunities and associated benefits are given on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2 The Marketplace is part of the Public Forum. Companies can showcase their DRR and sustainability expertise, activities, products and services.

What opportunities exist to support targeted events or services?

You have the possibility to support a specific event or service of the World Conference. We are both looking for unique sponsors and sponsors willing to contribute to the organization of events and activities. This is a productive way for reaching your target group, engaging deeper with authorities and leaders or developing innovative partnerships in the domain of your interest. Please contact UNISDR Business Partnerships at to learn more.

Children and Youth Forum

The Children and Youth Forum is an innovative concept that provides an opportunity to children
and youth to take full leadership in organizing discussions about their own future and demonstrate
their strengths, skills and abilities to lead change in reducing risk and building resilience to disasters.
The Children and Youth Forum will provide space for children and youth to invite decision-makers,
private sector representatives and experts from the scientific world to share views and experiences in reducing disaster risk and building community resilience.

The Forum will provide a unique opportunity for Children and Youth from around the world to convey their aspirations and expectations with regard to the safer and more resilient world they want to create in a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction and to highlight the contribution and added value they bring to disaster risk reduction decision-making. Children and Youth will be able to co-design innovative ideas for disaster resilience and have opportunities to pitch their innovations and recommendations to the leaders of today and corporate partners for support and partnership-building.

The Children and Youth Forum will involve debates, workshops, competitions, exhibitions and performances from Children and Youth representatives.

Children and Youth from Africa, Arab States, Asia, Europe and Latin America will participate in the Forum.

Sponsorship value: USD 250,000

Strengthening Risk-Informed Decision-Making

Strengthening Risk-Informed Decision-Making: an IKM4DRR Share-Fair to support post-2015 action

“Disaster risk reduction requires transparent risk-informed decision-making”

Zero draft, post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

The full-day workshop and share-fair organized by the Information and Knowledge Management for Disaster Risk Reduction (IKM4DRR) and Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) networks will engage up to 100 disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation professionals on information and knowledge management as a core component of coordinated action for disaster and climate risk-informed decision-making post-2015.

This facilitated learning event will employ leading knowledge brokering methodology, and be supported by the IKM4DRR and CKB communities both in the lead-up and following WCDRR. The workshop will take place on the preparatory day prior to the opening of the WCDRR on Friday, 13 March 2014 in Sendai, Japan.
Participants will come from all regions, represent government, regional intergovernmental, nongovernmental and international organizations, academia and private sector - each of whom will become an IKM Ambassador throughout the World Conference.
The workshop will:

• Strengthen the information and knowledge management capacity of local, national and regional stakeholders across sectors
• Facilitate knowledge-sharing on IKM topics among professionals in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
• Review the IKM4DRR Framework and Scorecard to support coordinated post-2015 action at all levels
• Support and promote knowledge brokering throughout the WCDRR

More on IKM4DRR:

Sponsorship value: USD 75,000 to cover fees of a professional facilitator, funding of ten participants from five regions, including travel

Film Festival Awards Ceremony

UNISDR has been partnering with the Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to launch its first TV Documentary competition on disaster risk reduction. TV Broadcasters from all over the world have been invited to send their best documentaries on disaster risk reduction featuring disasters occurred between 2005 and 2015.

A jury composed of members of ABU, EBU and UNISDR will select the four best documentaries in the four following categories:

1. The best Disaster Risk Reduction human story
2. The best DRR investigative story
3. The best DRR innovative story
4. And the very best DRR documentary

The celebration of the TV film competition will culminate in an Awards Gala Ceremony that will take place during the World Conference. The Awards Gala Ceremony that will last 40 minutes will be a major advocacy event open to all participants of the World Conference. Short trailers will introduce the three best films in each category before the winners are announced.

Sponsorship value: USD 40,000 to cover trailer production, plaques, the anchor, travel of the jury and winners, the prize and logistics

Participation of reporters from developing countries and ABU exchange

The World Conference organizing team is looking for sponsors to cover accommodation and transport of reporters from developing countries. Over 20 media teams covering the printed media and TV sector will be invited. Journalists from a range of countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific will be invited to participate in the World Conference. Participation of reporters from developing countries is key to ensure that insights, ideas and expertise gained at the World Conference will be shared with governments, civil society organizations, private companies and the public in developing countries.

Sponsorship value: USD 5,000 per person to cover transport to the World Conference and accommodation during six days

Accelerating Urban Risk Reduction and Resilience by supporting Mayors to attend the World Conference

Mayors and Local Governments Leaders are at the forefront for implementation of the Post 2015 Framework for DRR including the Sustainable Development Goals and the Changing Climate Agenda.

Cities, particularly in the developing world, face numerous challenges in responding to a growing urban population by meeting rising demands for housing, food, water, transportation and other infrastructure or services that ensure people’s wellbeing. In addition to historically known natural and man-made hazards, cities are now also faced with increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events and sea level rise as a result of climate change. Significant investment will be needed to cope with a wide range of shocks and stresses such as flooding, storms, heat waves, sea level increases, droughts, land erosion, food insecurity and water scarcity. Local Governments and Private Sector are a key stakeholder groups that need to work in cooperation to reduce existing and mitigate future risks.

Since 2010, UNISDR and partners have mobilized political commitment to build local and urban resilience through the “Making Cities Resilient Campaign” and have already engaged close to 2,400 cities.

WCDRR provides a much needed opportunity to proactively engage Mayors and Local Governments Leaders to meet and discuss with Private Sector in understanding respective roles and areas of cooperation, including technology transfer, opportunities for effective investment and technical support.

Sponsorship Value: USD 6,000 (per person) to cover travel of Mayors or Local Government Leaders to the World Conference and accommodation during six days.
Sponsorship Value: USD 300,000 in total to support 50 Mayors or Local Government Leaders to attend the World Conference

Disclaimer: UNISDR reserves the right to review all interested sponsors to ensure that contributions are in line with the integrity of the United Nations. Sponsorship does not influence the programme of the WCDRR. Speaking slots are not granted to any individual or organisation as a result of sponsorship.