TV Debate

A Special TV Panel Discussion Event: Can we expect the private sector protect our communities from the impacts of disasters?

Time: Sunday 15 March, 12.30-13.30pm
Venue: Sakura Room, Sendai International Centre

The well-known BBC World presenter, Mr David Eades, hosted a special televised panel discussion at the third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. In this special event a high-powered panel of key business and government leaders discussed whether the global building industry needs to make urgent and radical changes in order to protect communities from the impacts of disasters.  With the private sector soon be responsible for up to 80% of investment in all urban infrastructure, the panel discussed whether the failure to improve building standards today could now putting the lives of millions of people at risk from the impacts of disasters.

 The Panel & Special Guests included:

Gerry Brownlee, New Zealand Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

The Honourable Gerry Brownlee is Leader of the House and Minister of Defence in the New Zealand Government. A resident of earthquake-hit Christchurch, he is also the Minister responsible for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and for the Earthquake Commission.

Senator Loren B Legarda, from the Republic of the Philippines

Senator Legarda, a three-term Philippine Senator who has authored several landmark laws for the environment in her country, is widely regarded as a Champion for disaster risk reduction efforts across Asia Pacific.

Aris Papadopolous, recently retired CEO of Cement company Titan America

Mr. Papadopolous has just published a new book calling for a fundamental change in the way the public and private sectors work together to increase the resilience of our built environment.

Martyn Parker, Chair of Global Partnerships at Swiss Re.


Mr. Parker leads Swiss Re’s world-wide business activities with governments, development and non-governmental organisations. For decades Swiss Re has analyzed disasters in order to improve preparedness and to reduce the burden on governments and individuals.

Mr. Toshiyuki Shiga, Vice Chairman of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd


Mr. Shiga was the Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd and led Nissan’s remarkable recovery from the 2011 earthquake. As the Head of Japan’s Automobile Manufacturing Association he has helped to lead the recovery of Japan’s entire auto industry.