East African Community Sub-Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

05 - 07 Nov 2015 Kenya (Nairobi)


During the meeting of the 7th session of the Africa Working Group on DRR in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Africa defined its clear roadmap for implementation of the Sendai framework by defining its priorities at local, national, sub-regional and regional levels.

The EAC sub-regional platform workshop aims to agree on set of actions and commitments to ensure effective implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR in EAC region, and develop a road map for implementation of the EAC DRR&M strategy in line with the Sendai Framework. Also sub-regional platform will present the current status and trends of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Partner States.

The workshop will specifically enable Partner States, Regional and International Partners as well as other stakeholders to:

  1. Discuss mechanism for attain the above areas of focus in support to regional DRR efforts;
  2. Receive the update on the implementation EAC DR R&M strategy;
  3. Discuss the Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030 - way forward for EAC region;
  4. Exchange lesson learnt and good practices on how to implement DRR in future;
  5. Strategize the future roadmap for the implementation of EAC DRR activities in line with Sendai Framework (Review of the EAC –DRR Action Plan 2015 – 2018);
  6. Increased dialogue and Networking among disaster managers in EAC region; and
  7. Come up with a roadmap on the finalization of EAC DRRM Bill based on the outcome of the meeting of the Sectoral Council on Environment.

Target audience

EAC Member States, International Partners, Other Stakeholders

More information

Contact Julius Kabubi at julius.kabubi@unisdr.unon.org