Inclusiva, Chile

Inclusiva, Chile

Non-profit NGO Inclusiva was founded in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Chile in 2010, with the goal of eliminating the barriers that affect people with disabilities when it came to disaster risk reduction. Its starting point was an absence of a disability variable in emergency management, despite requirements set down in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

People with disabilities are more vulnerable to disasters due to architectural, cultural, physical and technological barriers. To reduce the risks they face, the NGO works to do away with such barriers and to ensure that every procedure and protocol is inclusive. To achieve its objectives, it develops inclusive studies, and carries out networking, advocacy and training activities, all working with local and international entities. Its “A Safer World for All” campaign crafted a handbook published by the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization, focused on the human rights of persons with disabilities during emergencies. Inclusiva has also collaborated with the National Emergency Office of Chile to ensure that earthquake drills incorporate disability as a variable, and has advised scores of municipalities, as well as local and national authorities in countries including Argentina and Israel. It is now planning to create an International Platform for Research and Training in Inclusive Emergency Management, a web-based hub that will be used to develop specialized courses in emergencies and disabilities in English and Spanish), and to enhance quantitative research.



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