Homeless People’s Federation Philippines, Inc., Philippines

Homeless People’s Federation Philippines, Inc., Philippines

The Homeless People’s Federation Philippines, Inc. (HPFPI) carries out unique work in one of the most hazard-challenged countries in the world, impacted by some 20 cyclones or typhoons every year, and on the front line of climate change. Around the globe, informal communities of the urban poor are some of the most badly hit by climate-related disasters. Makeshift housing and insufficient infrastructure leave them extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, and lack of data on informal settlements makes post-disaster response in these areas chaotic and ineffective.

Building community resilience is the key to reducing the impact of disasters, and HPFPI plays a unique role by bringing together urban poor communities and local government units. They work hand in hand to improve the safety and health, helping thousands of vulnerable families improve their housing, livelihoods, and visibility. Community members residing in high-risk areas have undertaken mapping and profiling activities to identify risks, and HPFPI has shared the lessons learned through information and education campaigns. In addition, it has helped scale up community-led risk reduction processes through cash savings, alternative sources of livelihood such as recycling of non-biodegradable waste, as was as the construction of improvised dikes and bridges. It has also designed innovative strategies for community-led upgrading of informal settlements, using low-cost, indigenous and environmentally-friendly materials such as earth blocks and bamboo. Through its work, HPFPI has broken new ground in the effort to shape inclusive and sustainable cities of the future.



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