Design for Disasters (D4D), Thailand

Design for Disasters (D4D), Thailand

Bangkok-based Design for Disasters (D4D), founded in 2010, is a group of young designers, artists and academics who banded together to find creative solutions to risk. Driven by the philosophy that practical preparedness and a clear mitigation strategy is the key to reducing impact, D4D has worked notably with the school sector to help teach children how to survive.

Among D4D’s headline projects is the Survive! edutainment package for the under-12s, which puts the fun into disaster risk reduction thanks to its mix of practical information, board gaming, animation and hands-on learning. To spread the message, the group has sent a Learning Bus to schools across the country, leaving youngsters better able to handle disasters and feeling inspired about safety, resilience and a sustainable future. Its latest brainchild is the Earthquake Recovery Project, which has helped to build new buildings for the nine schools that were severely damaged in the 6.3-magnitude quake in Chiang Mai. A collaborative effort involving experts in architecture, engineering and contstruction, it has already charted new territory in earthquake-resistance and sustainability, thanks to simple designs that can be completed by local workers in a short time using affordable materials from the immediate area. In addition to providing safe schools, the goal is to offer communities a resistant structure that can be turned into a shelter if an earthquake strikes again. D4D also believes strongly in networking across sectors and disciplines, as well as ensuring strong community involvement in crafting disaster risk reduction policy and solutions, which are themselves part of the learning process.



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